Monday, March 30, 2009

Free Monday movie night

Free Redbox Code
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Be sure to return by 9pm on Tuesday!


Albertsons and Walgreens--Oh my!

First trip Albertsons I bought:

5 boxes of post cereal
Total $8.35
-1.00 manufacture coupon
-1.00 " "
-.55 " "
Total Paid $5.80
Then got back a $5.00 coupon/register reward for my next purchase! So that means I paid .16cents for each box of cereal!!

Then I went back and got:
4 <2liters of dr pepper $1 each
bag of mexican cheese $1.68
-5.00 coupon
Total Paid $.88 cents!!!

Next Walgreens
Softsoap Body Wash $ 3.99
Chapstick Shimmer $1.99
-.75 bodywash coupon
Total Paid $5.23---then I got back $2 rewards from the chapstick for my next purchase and a free coupon for another bottle of body wash!! So I went back around and got---->

Reynolds Foil $1.69
Colgate Toothpaste $.99
Softsoap body wash $3.99
Yogurt Raisins $.80
-.80 Walgreens foil coupon
-1.00 Foil Coupon
-.75 Colgate coupon
-3.99 body wash coupon
Total paid .93 CENTS and I still have my $2 rewards for the next time I go!!

So my total for all this stuff today was $12.84 & I still have $2 to spend at walgreens ------NOT BAD AT ALL!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Get it while its hot!

If you still have any of the $5 off Iams puppy smart food the 4lb. bag is on sale at Walmart right now for $5 and the kitten food is $4.97>Which makes both bags FREE!!! I stocked up and got 10 bags!--free

"Albertsons will have a big Cereal sale starting on Sunday it's a 10 day sale. It's on POST select cereal only the "adult" cereal no kid cereal :(

cereal included in the sale are:

Nabisco Shredded Wheat (15 oz.)
Grapenuts (24 oz.)
Grape Nut Cranberry Vanilla (17 oz.)
Raisin Bran (20 oz.)
Banana Nut Crunch
Pecan (16 oz.)
Date Pecan (16 oz.)
B'Berry Morning (13.5 oz.)
Honey Bunches Of Oats Cinnamon Cluster (14.5 oz.)
Honey Bunches Of Oats Honey Roasted (14.5 oz.)
Honey Bunches Of Oats Almond (14.5 oz.)
Honey Bunches Of Oats Chocolate Cluster (14.5 oz.)
Cranberry Almond Crunch (13 oz.)
Shredded Wheat Frosted (19 oz.)
Spoon Size Shredded Wheat (16.4 oz.)
Honey Nut Shredded Wheat (20 oz.)
Select Apple Carmel Pecan (14.25 oz.)

These will all be $2.07 each or $1.57 a box when you buy 2
But here is the GREAT deal
There is a Catalina: buy 5 boxes get $5 catalina back
This makes it .67 cents a box
There are coupons in the 3/1 Smart Source coupon insert for $1 off 2
There will also be coupons in Tomorrows paper for Post cereal
this will bring the price down to .17 cents a box
If you are new to using Catalinas, you will want to make sure to buy your cereal in groups of 5.....if you buy more than 5 in one transaction you still still only get 1 $5 catalina. SO make sure to split you orders up.
Here is how it will work:
buy 5 boxes of cereal $8.35
use 2/ $1off 2 coupons
Pay $6.35 cash
Then after you pay a catalina will print, for $5 off your next purchase.

Freebies of the day

So when I started this blog it was more so for fun and to share my frugal experiences. I have had over 170+ blog views and I have no idea who is visiting to look. If you can...leave a comment and let me know you were "here":)

I just got this at kmart for coupon doubles, and I love it. Go HERE to get the sample.

---These below are thanks to saving with Shellie and other bloggers!---

There sure have been a bunch of free samples this week. Here are a few more:

Go HERE to get Eucerin Plus Smoothing Essentials lotion.

Go HERE to get a sample entree from Daily Bread. (Thanks Penny!)

Go HERE to get a coupon (mailed) for an Attune Probiotic Bar. (Thanks Penny!)

Go HERE to get Pantene samples. (Thanks Rachael)

Go HERE to get a free plate from Nestle Tollhouse (MIR - does require purchase). (Thanks Jennifer!)

Go HERE to get a children’s book about Asthma. (Thanks Money Saving Mom!)

Go HERE to get a sample of dog treats from Pet ‘n Shape. (Thanks Jana!)

Happy Sampling!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bertolli pasta sauce for less than .50 cents

Tonight at Safeway I picked up 10 packages of these sauces for $20.00 and right below there was a coupon machine that had save $1.00 coupon on bertolli pasta sauce SOOO>
Bought 10 packages $20.00
Saved -$5.00 b/c its spend 20 save 5 So my total is $15
-10...$1coupons >-$10.00
Paid $5.00 Out of Pocket and get this....I got $10 in register rewards for my next purchase! How awesome was that!!!

My camera is still dead but your jaw will drop when you see the picts of my kmart double coupons week. I think I have spend probably $50 bucks so far but I have enough things to stockpile away.(2 moving boxes FULL)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free Movie Wednesday

Wednesday's Free Redbox DVD code is: MMM325. Don't forget on Monday's there are Free codes too.

Free Samples!

If you are an allergy sufferer, go HERE to get a free sample of Zyrtec.

Like Zyrtec and cringe at the high price? Go HERE to get a $2 off coupon.

Victoria Secret has a new product line called Naturally. The line is made with natural ingredients and is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. It comes in 5 light scents like Vanilla & Sandalwood or Grapefruit Lime and Mint.

Go HERE to print a coupon good for one mini body lotion though April 12 or while supplies last. If you really like the products, you can get a free Naturally tote that includes “deluxe” samples with any $25 purchase.

Go HERE to get a sample of Cottonelle Tissue and Wipes. Hopefully they will stick a high dollar coupon in the box too!

Happy Sampling!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fast Forward!

So we are all moved into our first home! We are so excited and renovations are under way. Thats why I have been a little slow at postings. So I spent 3 hours in Kmart today and got $153.00 worth of stuff and had 35 coupons and paid $32.00 for all my stuff. I took a pict to show all my goodies, but my digital camera battery is dead and I dont know where my charger is:):) So as soon as I find that I will post it! Tomorrow is my Target and Walgreens shopping day so I will let you know how that goes. Look on my fav' blog list----> at what some of the ppl are posting for 'deals' at those 3 stores its incredible!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

13 Items for less than .66 each:)

Stopped by Albertsons tonight to get some doubled coupons! I had 12 coupons and the checker let me use all them! I was so excited!I got:
Trident gum $1.59 (-75 mfq coupon)
Dentyne Gum $1.39 (-.75)
Capri Sun $2.00 (-1.10 coupon)
McCormicks Grinders $2.00 (-2 coupon)
Wheat Thins $2.50 (-1 coupon)
Triscuts $2.50 (-1 coupon)
Danimals Smoothies $2.50 (-2 coupon)
Danimals Yogurt Crush $2.49 (-2 coupon)
Danactive Immunity Booster Smoothies $2.00 (-2 coupon)
Kashi go Lean Meal $3.51 (-3.51 mfq coupon)
Kashi go Lean Chicken pocket $2.87 (-1.50 coupon)
Dole Fruit Cup $1.67 (-2 coupon)
Grapes $1.27
Total Paid $8.68

**I saw the food day ads today and there great! Safeway has a lot of good mix and match deals as well as Albertsons has there doubles again in the ad! Also if you noticed there was a .99 coupon for a twelve pack of soda at fred meyers limit 2 per household! Thats such a steal!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Its been a great couple days worth of deals

Ive hit up Walgreens every other day it seems like lately:)
I bought:
Listerene Mouth Wash $3
Reach Floss $3
Reach double pack toothbrushes $3
Total $9
used the -3.00mfq coupon from the paper
Paid $6.00....then got $6 regisiter rewards for my next purchase---so basically I got everything for free!

4 Bottles of garnier hair spray $3.96 (.99 each)
2 bottles of coffee creamer $2.79 bogo free
Crest night time whitening toothpaste/strips clearance $2.79
Total $9.54
-5.00 crest mfq coupon
-2.00 garnier mfq coupon
-2.00 coffee creamer internet coupon
Paid $.54 cents!

Wrigleys gum 1.19
Tropicana Juice coupon $1.97
-1.00 mfq coupon and safeway double
-free gum mfq coupon -1.19
Paid $.47 cents!

*Im hitting up Albertsons double deals tomorrow and target/walmart/walgreens for some great deals I will try and post later* Happy Shopping!

Monday, March 9, 2009


We signed alot of papers and bought our first house today!!!!! Were so excited and beyond words/relief. We've looked for 1 year and now finally we have a 4 bedroom ranch we can call our own! The only bad thing is we all have a flu like bug and feel like crap, but we need to suck it up and start getting some work done:)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I wont need hair products for a while:)

I dragged my sick flu-like self out of bed today to get my garnier deals at Walgreens!

*I had to go to 3 different Walgreens because they put a limit on how many you could buy.*
So I bought altogether:

17 bottles of shampoo/conditioner/hair spray/gel/ect. $2.99-$2.00 Walgreens easy saver coupon=$.99 each bottle
2bottles of lysol wipes 2/$4.00
Cough drops $.99
3 packs of Orbit gum 3/$.99 w/Walgreens coupon
3 packs of eclipse gum 3/$.99 w/Walgreens coupon
Sally nail polish 2/$3.00 only bought one $1.50

TOTAL$25.30----->Now the fun part!
-$1.00 off garnier mfq coupons(had 17)
-$1.00 off lysol wipes
-$.50 off sally nail color
TOTAL Paid $6.83
**Also I had 2 bogo printable coupons I forgot to use when I purchased my sense spray so I took my receipt in and got 2 for free from my previous purchase on Thursday!**

Also at Walmart today I bought:
Dora band aids $1.88
Benefiber chewables $1.98
Mentos Gum $1.28
Mentos Gum $1.28
-1.00 band aide mfq coupon
-2.00 benefiber mfq coupon
-1.00 mentos mfq coupon
-1.00 mentos mfq coupon
Total Paid: $1.42

*Here are all the good walgreens deals for this week! Thanks to saving with shellie!

Coffeemate - $2.49 BOGO
-Use 2 $1.50/1 Coffeemate HERE
Final Price = FREE (+$.51 overage)

Colgate Total Toothpaste - $3.49
-Use $2.50/1 Colgate ESC (pg 23) AND
-Use $1.50/1 Colgate Total (March All You) OR
-Use $1/1 Colgate (SS 2/1)
Final Price = FREE (with possible $.51 overage)

Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, Styler - $2.99
-Use $2/1 Garnier ESC (pg 18) AND
-Use $1/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner (V 3/8) OR
-Use $1/1 Garnier Fructis Style Product (V 3/8)
Final Price = FREE

Glade Scented Oil Sense and Spray Starter Kit - $7.99 (Buy 2)
-Use $4/1 Glade ESC (pg 29) AND
-Use $4/1 Glade coupon (SS 2/8 or March All You)
Final Price = FREE (+$4.01 overage!)

Glade Lasting Impressions - $7.99 (Buy 2)
-Use $4/1 Glade ESC (pg 29) AND
-Use $4/1 Glade coupon (SS 2/8 or March All You)
Final Price = FREE (+$4.01 overage!)

Right Guard or Dry Idea Deodorant - $2.99
-Use $1/1 Right Guard or Dry Idea (SS 3/8)
-Get $2 RRs
Final Price = FREE

Good Deals
Advil PM (16ct) - $4.49
-Use $2/1 Advil PM HERE
-Get $2 RRs
Final Price = $.49

AquaFresh Toothpaste
-$.99 with in-ad coupon
-Use $.75/1 Aquafresh HERE OR
-Use $.75/1 Aquafresh (SS 1/4)
Final Price = $.24

Butterball Chicken Broth (Buy 9 Cans)
-$.69 with in-ad coupon
-Submit for $5 ESR #29
Final Price = $1.21 for 9 cans

Crest Pro Health - $2.49
-Use $.75/1 Crest (PG 3/1)
-Get $1 RR
Final Price = $.74

Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color - $5.99
-Use $2/1 Garnier ESC (pg 17) AND
-Use $2/1 Garnier Nutrisse (RP 3/8)
Final Price = $1.99

Gillette Fusion Gamer - $8.99
-Use $4/1 Gillette Fusion (PG 2/8)
-Get $4 RRs
Final Price = $.99

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes - 2/$4
-Use $1/1 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes (SS 2/1)
Final Price = $1

Smart Balance Butter Spread - $2.99 BOGO
-Use $1/2 Smart Balance Butter Spread (RP 2/1)
Final Price = $1.99 for 2


Buy $25 in Participating Kimberly Clark Products Get $10 RRs

  • Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers or Training Pants - $10
  • Huggies Baby Wipes - $6
  • Kotex - 2/$6
  • Scott or Cottonelle - $7
  • Poise or Depends - $12
  • Kleenex Facial Care - 3/$4

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Look what $2.99 got me at Walgreens Today:)

All I can say is WOW!!! After a spree like this it makes me feel GREAT! So this amazing deal happened because:
1st Transaction
Colgate Toothpaste $3.29
-.75 mfq coupon
Paid: $2.54 and I got a $3.50 register reward print out after I paid
2nd Transaction---the 'big one'
Fiber one bars $1.99
Glade Sense Spray $9.99
Glade Impressions $9.99
Excedrin $5.99
Sambucol $12.99
Total: $40.95->Heres when my coupons came in handy from the reward booklet/sunday papers
-3.50 register rewards from 1st transaction
-10.00 Sambucol coupon-In walgreens ad booklet
-4.00 Sambucol on-line printable coupon
-4.00 Glade Sense Spray-walgreens ad book
-4.00 Glade Sense spray mfq coupon
-4.00 Glade Impressions- in ad coupon
-4.00 Glade Impressions mfq coupon
-4.00 Excedrin-in ad coupon
-2.00 Excedrin online printable coupon
-1.00 on-line printable Fiber one coupon


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You have options!

Free Warm Delights
These are sooo yummy all you have to do is click and sign up and also on there website they have a place for you to print off coupons.

Wednesday Redbox code: Today only you can get a free DVD rental at your local Redbox. Simply use code: 75EA16.

Free Diet Dr Pepper
-->Go here to register and get a free 20oz. or 2liter! Hurry they will go fast! Also that site has great printable coupons!

Here are my target deals today!

Big pack of huggies wipes $5.99
-$5.00 Huggies printable coupon
$.99 after coupon!

Mott’s Applesauce, $1.77

$1/1 Target printable
$0.77 after coupon!

Market Pantry Soups, $0.54
$0.50/2 Target printable
$0.29 ea. after coupon!

Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer, $1.92

$1/1 Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer, exp. 4-30-09 (SS 2/22/09)

$1/1 Target printable

Target 8 pack of paper towels was 6.99 now on clearance for $3.49

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Free mall deal

Seventeen Magazine is giving out a free tank top from Aeropostale. Get yours now, just buy the April 2008 issue of Seventeen Magazine with Hayden Panettiere on the cover and take it to any Aeropostale store near you and you’ll receive your free tank top or you can print out the web page and take that in. 1 tank per person/print out.


Blah is my current mood:) We are suppose to be closing on our house any day now, so the hubby wants to make sure I get the house packed up! I did go to Albertsons tonight with my coupons and Safeway ad in hand and got $30 worth of stuff for $9.50. I will be going to walgreens and getting some of the register reward items as well as the mail in rebates. If you haven't check out the ad you can go to and look at it! As for better 'deals' I will try and up my game this week and get some good posts! But while your waiting make sure you go and get your free victorias secret tote bag(19.50) (in my below blog) for summer its super cute!!! Its 2am and Im sleepy--->going to bed!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I went to the mall for my freebies today! I was sooo excited when I got the 20.00 tote/beach bag from victorias secret along with the lotion and night cream from origins! You should definitely go and sign up and print out your coupons....ehhh there free why not:)